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How Visual Analytics Can Boost Health System Revenue

In healthcare, the term Big Data doesn’t really capture the immensity of information being gathered and shared. The challenge is to transform Big Data into Smart Data, where strategic planners and marketing teams can quickly find actionable information to boost the bottom line.

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Hospitals Boost Revenue By Partnering With Local Employers

The success of population health management in the U.S. will depend in large measure on how well health systems can partner with employers. That’s because there are both demographic and psychological obstacles to improved community health.

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How Hospitals and Employers are Creating Medical Home Partnerships

When a community hospital partners with a local employer to create a patient-centered medical home (PCMH), it’s mutually advantageous for both parties.

This proactive approach helps achieve these objectives:
• Encourages area employees to keep their care local
• Lowers costs by identifying health risks before they become costly chronic conditions
• Increases revenue for the hospital and its affiliated physicians
• Improves payer mix by bringing more commercially insured lives into the network
• Creates a favorable environment for a “narrow network” or direct contract with local employers

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How hospitals can benefit from integrating employer health data

A hospital can benefit enormously from integrating health data collected by area employers and population health companies into its EHR – but far too few hospitals are doing that.

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To Reduce Outmigration, Hospitals Must Partner with Employers

Outmigration affects nearly all providers in some fashion. Whether it is the perception that a larger "brand-name" hospital offers better care, referral patterns by physicians, imaging, directed contracting, access or other factors, systems must understand what is driving marketshare away from them and to their competitors, whether in the same market or elsewhere. 

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Employer outreach: The key to improving payer mix

One of the biggest obstacles to effective population health management is inertia: the tendency for things to stay the same. That’s why a hospital/employee alliance is designed to keep things moving. Yale Miller, Aegis' Client Solutions Principal, explains in Becker's Hospital Review Online why it's important for hospitals and health systems to engage community employers in an effort to improve payer mix.

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Integrating Employer & Physician Marketing – When outreach efforts to employers and physicians are well coordinated, a health system can improve both financial performance and health outcomes.

By implementing a dynamic and integrated employer/physician engagement program, Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, SC has been able to maximize fee-for-service revenue as their organization seamlessly transitions to value-based care and population health management. Their continued efforts have exponentially expanded their overall market share.

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Actionable Data Trumps Big Data

An article about bypassing data analytics overload and the value of focusing on strategic, actionable data utilizing a visual modeling approach that
helps hospital leadership make faster, smarter decisions positively impacting their revenue stream.

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Data Should Be Actionable, Not Just Big

Hospitals have to deal with a veritable mountain of data, the real challenge is - how to use it to their advantage and determine what is really actionable. This piece explores how new tools and solutions are providing a unique window to physician referral leakage activity and the movement of populations as never before. It's all about physician data analytics that are straightforward and offer the ability to make smarter, faster decisions!

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Wisconsin Health System Keeps Employees in Local Businesses Healthy, Builds Relationships with Current and Prospective Patients: How They Do It—and How You Can, Too

ProHealthcare outlines their employer-directed strategy which supports their population health management efforts; along with the benefits it has garnered their health system. Learn more about the value of consumer engagement outreach in building a healthier community and driving profitable hospital market share.

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Community Outreach: Essential to Population Health Management Success

The article covers the vital common denominator necessary to a successful population health management initiative – reaching out to the entire community, including local businesses. It explores the key marketplace advantages hospitals gain by creating partnerships with area employers. Be sure to see the featured "user engagement experience" diagram – showing the integration possibilities between a Population Health website and the EMR/Patient website.

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Financial Benefits of Population Health 2.0

Phil Suiter, President and CEO of Aegis Health Group, outlines characteristics of providers’ current initiatives in managing population health that will make them more effective than previous efforts that were more about building the brand and high level consumer outreach than focused on a data-driven employer/community-directed strategy.

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Employer/Provider Partnerships

When health systems and employers work closely together - using actionable data to achieve practical results - employees and community groups steadily get healthier, the cost of care decreases and productivity rises. Explore the new Rules of Engagement for health systems that can make a big impact in their consumer outreach strategy. Link here for the full article from ExecutiveInsight:

By: Phil Suiter

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Analytics-Driven Outreach Improves Community Health

Read about a dynamic, integrated program which leverages the combined power of the Regional Medical Center’s (RMC’s) two highly effective hospital organizations – their Physician Relationship and Employer Relationship Management teams. Kathy Rhoad, RMC’s Director of Marketing, shares their strategy and results in this recent Modern Healthcare article.

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WEBINAR: Hospital Seeking Employer-Directed Strategy

This A.M.inar is designed to cover compelling industry topics in a short 30-minute webinar session.
On this edition, you'll discover the advantages of an employer-directed strategy which can offer an important building block to a hospital's population health management strategy. Learn how to address a suprisingly underserved market while building the right type of market share.

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BLOG: Population 2.0 – The Age of the Consumer

Phil Suiter, CEO of Aegis Health Group, offers an executive summary on the importance of consumers to hospitals and health systems as they develop their population health management delivery model.

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WEBINAR: Advancing Population Health – The Impact of an Integrated Physician & Employer Strategy

On this fast-paced webinar with a short Q&A - learn how a progressive hospital in South Carolina, The Regional Medical Center, is experiencing exceptional success in growing targeted service lines, increasing hospital revenue and advancing its population health management initiative.

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Aegis Health Group CEO: Dramatic changes ahead for health insurance industry

Aegis Health Group CEO Phil Suiter talks about upcoming changes for health insurance companies.

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Aegis Health Group CEO on population health, his goals for the company

Aegis Health Group leader answers Nashville Business Journal writer Eleanor Kennedy's questions about population health and his goals for the company as new CEO.

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Health landscape changing, Aegis CEO says

Phil Suiter, CEO of Aegis Health Group spoke with Tennessean reporter Shelly Dubois about the growing power of health care consumers, why insurance companies will look much different in the future and other industry topics of interest.

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Direct-to-Employer Strategy Grows Hospital’s Market Presence

By targeting employers, St. Lukes Hospital in St. Louis, MO has established strong relationships that yield dividends in consumer preference, reputation and growth.

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Engaging Patients in the Age of the Consumer

HealthCare Consumerism Solutions is the industry’s only business magazine focused 100% on innovative health and benefits management solutions. Read about the Age of Consumer, how it has been accelerated by Population Health and how health systems can take advantage of this trend.

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Yale Miller, EVP Aegis Health Group on Population Health 2.0 and The Age of Consumerism

Radio interview on HealthCare Consumerism Radio with Yale Miller, EVP Aegis Health Group: Population Health 2.0 & the Age of Consumerism

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WEBINAR: What Employers Want From Hospitals

On this short 30 minute webinar gain insights on: 1) Who the "new consumers" are and why they are vitally important. 2) What the new "rules of the road" are for connecting with employers. 3) The impact of the ACA on employer wellness programs and employee incentives. 4) Why employers are waiting for YOU - the hospital - to make the first move.

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Five Game Changers for Hospitals

Not only do hospitals need to execute consumer-directed healthcare practices that differentiate them as “providers of choice” in the markets, they also must identify ways to meet consumers where they are. Just one of the five game-changers expected to impact the hospital landscape in 2014.

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Are We Trading Happy Physicians for Efficient Ones?

This article explores physician-hospital engagement issues in light of the current marketplace dynamics and includes commentary from Rochell Pierce, VP, Physician Relationship Management, Aegis Health Group.

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Online Portal Enhances Population Health Management Program

Read how Susquehanna Health in Pennsylvania, plans to enhance their Population Health Management program and help employers reduce healthcare costs with their deployment of a user-friendly, customizable online portal.

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Top 10 Physician Complaints of 2013

captured in an interview with Rochell Pierce, VP Physician Relationship Management with Aegis Health Group. The article highlights the experience and insights gained from numerous hospital clients and thousands of conversations with doctors each year.

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TRENDWATCH 2014: The Role of IT in Population Health Management

Learn more about the role IT and Population Health Management will play in healthcare in 2014.

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Managing the Data of Population Health Management Programs

Read how hospitals can tap into the value of "Big Data" to better manage the health of their local populations and better serve their community

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Make Wellness Work with Right Partner, Incentives

This article addresses how businesses are looking for help with improving the health and wellness of their employees and the specific advantages to be gained as a result of a partnership with their local hospital.

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Population Health Portal Take Worksite Wellness to a New Level

This article recaps the advantages that a population health portal can offer progressive hospitals and employer and community groups. As the majority of internet users say they looked online for health information the past year, health portals deliver all that information right to their fingertips.

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Mainstreaming Wellness: Partnership Provides Big Dividends for Employer and Employees

This article highlights a highly productive partnership between Mercy Medical Center and the employer Mainstream Living in Des Moines, Iowa. Mercy helped Mainstream launch and maintain an effective workforce health program that has resulted in significantly lower health insurance costs for the past four years.

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Employee Wellness Via Web Portals: It’s a Mix That Hospital and Other Providers Can Furnish

Viewpoint on the important role population health portals can play in supporting effective and engaging workforce health initiatives. It also outlines the benefits they offer to BOTH health systems and employers.

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How to Benefit Today from the ACA’s Corporate Wellness Initiatives

This article covers the various benefits hospitals and physicians can realize from the ACA's corporate wellness initiatives and programs they execute in the market to help take advantage of them.

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Aegis Health Group Launches New Portal for Employers, Health Systems

High-level recap covering the launch of OneCommunity, a population health portal, by Aegis Health Group.

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CardioCheck® PA to Provide Point-of-Care Lipid Testing to Aegis Health Group’s Hospital Clients

Polymer Technology Systems, Inc. (CardioCheck® PA) announced its partnership with Aegis Health Group to integrate the use of their biometric test system using wireless technology into Aegis’ workforce wellness program. Now biometric data test results can be instantaneously collected and recorded and added to a participant’s health risk profile within OneCommunity, a population health portal, in a matter of minutes. Read the full article for all the details.

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In Sickness and in Health

A compelling article about population health and the programs deployed by two healthcare systems in their communities along with their results.

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What Makes a Hospital Attractive to Employers?

Population Health Management has become a mainstay in the American landscape and this includes employer workforce health initiatives. This article explores the partnerships employers are looking form to help them execute and manage programs to manage healthcare costs and effect a healthier workforce. Who better than their local area hospital?

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4 Resolutions for Hospital C-Suiters

Aegis Health Group put together four new year's resolutions they believe can help impact a hospital's profitability.

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Top 10 Physician complaints of 2012

See the top ten physician complaints Becker's Hospital Review captured in an interview with Rochell Pierce, VP Physician Relationship Management with Aegis Health Group. She shares the results of her experience and insights with her numerous hospital clients and thousands of conversations with doctors each year.

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Fitness Partnership Provides Downstream Benefits to Health System and the Community

Read about Lake Health’s B Fit 4 Life Corporate Challenge that brings as many as 1,000 local residents into this Ohio health system’s facilities to participate in fitness programs and team sports. It is all about growing a healthier community with a broad selection of activities as the challengers are involved
in events as varied as dodge ball, dog sledding and everything in between.

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Finding the Right Prescription for Reducing Healthcare Costs

Read how one large, southern hospital launches a wellness program and saves almost two million dollars while realizing high impact improvements in their employees’ health scores.

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Beyond Physician Champions: Cultivating Physician Leaders

Centered around hospital/physician relations, this article covers the importance of hospitals developing models for identifying and growing physician leaders within their organization. It also outlines the traits that will make a successful physician leader.

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Targeted Population Health Management Can Help A Hospital Grow Market Share

By implementing a targeted and measurable employer wellness strategy, St. Luke’s Hospital has improved its reputation as a hospital of choice for employers and employees in the greater St. Louis area using Aegis Health Group solutions.

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6 Tips for Hospitals to Improve Population Health Management

Now more than ever, it’s imperative for hospitals to have a strong game plan for caring for patient populations.

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Six Essential Steps to a Successful Population Health Management Program

As hospitals seek ways to reduce overall healthcare costs and create healthier communities, Population Health Management (PHM) is becoming central to the solution.

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Creating Physician Engagement, One Doctor At A Time

Proactive Plan can make Physicians closer to the hospital. See how Mission Hospital in California successfully launched a physician relationship strategy.

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Mutual Benefits: Hospitals and employers see a strong business case for developing wellness partnerships.

Cover Story / Wellness: Hospitals and employers see a strong business case for developing wellness partnerships.

When hospitals and employers form wellness partnerships, everybody wins. This article identifies merging two business cases together. The business objectives of a health and wellness program are challenging: to simultaneously save money for an employer and make money for a health care organization.

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Wellness Proves Good (for) Business

An overview of how wellness programs help lower employer insurance costs and drive service line business for the hospitals that provide them.

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Beyond Physician Champions: Cultivating Physician Leaders

Centered around hospital/physician relations, this article covers the importance of hospitals developing models for identifying and growing physician leaders within their organization. It also outlines the traits that will make a successful physician leader.

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When Wellness Works: Partnering With Hospitals Leads to a Healthier Bottom Line for Employers

This article highlights three hospital employer relationship programs featuring their employer partners along with four steps on how to find a partner in wellness.

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Making America Healthier

Insight on how to fix our public health - across the nation, America discovers small cures for big health problems.

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Saying Good-Bye to Pizza

With the gluttony of the holidays behind us, it's time to focus on wellness.

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Companies Embrace Wellness Programs

Many companies offer incentives to encourage a healthier workforce and control costs - read how area organizations are benefiting from this practice.

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10 Ways for Hospitals and Health Systems to Increase Profitability in 2012

Becker’s Hospital Review breaks down the Top 10 Ways Hospitals and Health Systems can be profitable in 2012. This article features Aegis Health Group’s point of view to increasing profitability in the current economic environment and how fostering physician relationships is a key component.

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Poorer Health, Higher Spending: Dealing with the Hospital Employee Health Crisis

AMN Healthcare weighs in on the state of hospital employees and higher healthcare costs Featuring Baptist Health System, Birmingham that has bucked the trend and actually lowered theirs significantly-- find out how.

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Hospitals, local employers: Partners in reducing costs

Pat Cavanaugh, Director of Cardiac Prevention at Mercy Medical Center, Des Moines, IA highlights the benefits of partnering with Aegis Health Group in targeting local employers to reduce their healthcare cost.

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Getting Past The Initial Buzz On ACOs Relationships Will Differentiate What Works And Fails

Learn how relationships will impact ACOs and the role they will play in future development. This article also covers the three irrefutable truths that have emerged to date.

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CFO Corner: Lori Copeland and Coping With Management Changes

SageWorks interviews Aegis' CFO, Lori Copeland on coping with management changes.

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Reaping What You Sow

California Vintner Touts Benefits of Workforce Wellness Programming

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Physician Engagement Trends Show Room for Improvement

Industry experts explore trends, including healthcare reform, that are influencing physician/hospital relationships - and the numerous ways these relationships can be improved.

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Employer-Directed Business Development Initiatives Represent a Golden Opportunity

Building relationship with local employers can be a successful strategy for hospitals because it is one where everyone wins.

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Partnerships That Work

Insights on how hospital-developed employer wellness programs add commercial insurers to the payer mix.

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Physician Relationship Management: Forging Alignment Ahead of Reform

Read about how to turn reform ideals into reality by better aligning with local physicians who share the same goals as your hospital.

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A Wellness Partnership Well Worth Toasting

President and CEO of St. Francis Winery, Chris Silva, offers an overview of his worksite wellness program sponsored by St. Joseph Health System and its' benefits to his workforce AND his overall business.

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Mission Critical: Physician Engagement in the Age of ACOs

Gain insights on how to optimize physician relations during this dynamic period in healthcare.

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6 Secrets for Better Hospital-Physician Relationships

Hospitals need to measure results, be business-savvy and recognize their physicians in new and innovative ways. Gain insights on six secrets for improved alignment between hospitals and physicians according to Rochell Pierce, VP of Physician Relationship Management for Aegis Health Group.

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Building Market Share via an Employer Worksite Wellness Program

By expanding a preexisting occupational medicine program into a full-fledged health management consulting business, ProHealth Care has forged closer partnerships with local employers, and expanded overall market share; includes ROI view.

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Playing Well With Others – Building Strong Relationships in an Evolving Environment

Focuses on the importance of Physician Relationship Management in an evolving environment including views on the impact of the ACO model.

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Workforce Initiative Keeps Costs Down

A workforce health program helps keep employees well - and on the job, while keeping costs down.

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Cooking Up Innovative Employee Wellness

Panda Group cooks up an innovative employee wellness program with Huntington Hospital, an Aegis-partnered initiative.

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