Aegis Health Group Launches New Portal for Employers, Health Systems

Nashville Business Journal 06.13.2013

Written By, E.J. Boyer, Staff Writer, Nashville Business Journal

Nashville-based Aegis Health Group is ramping up marketing efforts around its new population health management portal, OneCommunity, which officially launched Wednesday at the company’s semi-annual customer conference.

The portal is designed to connect employers and health systems with individuals’ data to better manage health care decisions and costs. The portal is an evolution of the Aegis service, said company President Pearson Talbert, and something he hopes will give the company a competitive advantage as health plans and wellness companies look to tap into workforce wellness initiatives.

Aegis, a 25-year old company, sells population health management services to hospitals and health systems that are designed to engage local employers and patients. Aegis works with its hospital clients, either in an advisory role or in an outsourced sales capacity, to enroll local employers on the platform.

“Our clients have been asking for something that was unique that was tailored to them,” said Talbert. “There was a need in the health system community that was not being met. Our belief is that the health system should be the center of their communities, and to do that, they need to have the data.”

Through individual health profiles that identify key health risks based on demographics, lifestyle, personal and family history, and biometric data, OneCommunity provides health systems with that data.

Features built into the portal may help employers more accurately assess workforce health and predict health care costs. For example, the portal features predictive modeling tools that estimate health care costs and a tracking system that shows when individuals have completed wellness program requirements that may make them eligible for insurance discounts or other incentives.

“Most population health portals will come at something from the perspective of health system, employer, or payer, and we believe it needs to be about the individual first,” said Talbert. “It needs to communicate health status about an individual.”

Aegis has about 100 hospital and health system clients in 38 states across the country, and a few thousand employers that participate. The company, and its health system clients, target mid-size employers.

“We target less than 1,000 [full-time equivalents] because they are largely underserved,” Talbert said. “Our average full-time equivalent employer size is 238 – it’s easier for them to make a purchasing decision.”

The company has competition, most notably from health plans and large wellness vendors that are going after the same data, but Talbert sees growth opportunity for the company, driven in large part by the Affordable Care Act.

“Employers are looking for portals. They are trying to take control of their data and understand what health solutions are,” he said.

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